The World of the Caspian Horse

There are fewer than 300 Caspians in the United States and only 750 are left in the world. Enterprise Farms owns twelve of these rare gems.

In 1996, while attending Equitana in Louisville, Kentucky, Gene Gilbert, owner of Enterprise Farms, saw her first Caspian horse. These tiny horses, long thought to be extinct, were rediscovered in Iran by an American, Louise Firouz, in 1965. These little horses are neither ponies nor miniature horses. They combine all of the features of a horse with the size of a pony.

To the delight of their riders, Caspians participate in the lesson program at Enterprise Farms. They are the ideal mount for the small rider.

Enterprise Farms is proud to introduce its youngest additions, EF's Laleh and her "older" yearling sister is EF's Ladan. These two beauties were named after the conjoined Iranian twins who died during surgery to separate them. The twins’ names were selected because Caspians come from Iran, too!

Astara Attar, sire, is owned by Enterprise Farms and Michelle Swank. MCC's Javaneau, dam, is owned by Enterprise Farms.

We invite you to come meet these rare horses at Enterprise Farms.

"The discovery of the Caspian, a breed of great antiquity, was a matter of the greatest scientific and historical important in equine studies"

Elwyn Hartley Edwards
The Encyclopedia of the Horse

"Perhaps the most exciting equine discovery of this century is the Caspian"

Bonnie Hendricks
American Author
International Encyclopedia of the Horse


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